Dennison acquires key suppier


Dennison acquires key suppier  Metal Technology and Processing Limited.   Dennison Group is delighted to announce that it has now concluded the purchase of the business of Metal Technology and Processing Limited ( Mettech).

Mettech, which was founded by Liam and Liz Young over 30 years ago, has been a key part of the supply chain to the Dennison Group over the years. Apart from the products it supplies to the Dennison Group, Mettech also serves some of Irelands other leading original equipment manufacturers in the forklift, farm machinery and allied trades.

Mettech supplies the bulk of the steel for the trailer beams as well as various sundry subassembly and finishing parts.

The purchase is an important strategic acquisition as it helps protect a key part of the groups' supply chain and offers opportunities to expand. A wholly owned subsidiary of Dennison Trailers called Metal Technology and Processing Limited will run the day to day operations and be independently managed. The 23 staff have transferred to the Dennison Group and we would like to welcome them to the group.

Source | Company profile :Dennison Trailers Ltd (UK)