Don-Bur supplies a batch of 13.7m curtainsiders trailers to Hayto Coulthard.


Don-Bur supplies a batch of 13.7m curtainsiders trailers to Hayto Coulthard. For the first time, Hayton Coulthard Transport Ltd., has ordered a batch of 13.7m long tri-axle standard curtainsiders from Don-Bur to complement their substantial fleet. The recent acquisition is another example to highlight that Don-Bur are now able to compete aggressively for standard equipment as well as the more specialist bodywork they have become so well known for such as Double Decks and Teardrops.

Sitting at 4.378m (14' 4 1/2") high with 2.8m (9’2”) apertures to the back and sides, the new trailers have a heavy duty design.  Suitable for ferry operation, the pillarless bodywork comes with a hard-wearing 29mm floor and a full EN 12642-XL bodywork rating.  Aside from an aerodynamic front dome, rear roof air diffuser and some head-turning livery (produced in-house by Sapphire Graphics), the staple specification could be easily recognised by hauliers up and down the country.

Rory Turner, Sales Director at Don-Bur comments, “What is still expected of Don-Bur is a high level of quality and attention to detail.”  That mantra hasn’t gone unnoticed by Duncan Coulthard Jnr., Managing Director at Hayton Coulthard who responded, “Being the 4th generation to run Hayton Coulthard, I’ve been around trailers all of my life and I can honestly say the trailers you have built for us are the best quality curtain trailers I have ever seen.”

The first trailer went into operation in late February and Coulthard adds, “Driver feedback has been “exceptional”.

Source | Company profile :Don-Bur Trailers and Bodies Ltd (UK)


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