AxleTechs highly integrated e-axle for trucks


AxleTech’s highly integrated e-axle for trucks. AxleTech has created a highly integrated e-axle for medium- and heavy-duty commercial truck applications. By fully integrating the motors and two-speed transmission into the axle, AxleTech’s solution provides the highest performance and efficiency in the smallest packaging, while fitting within the existing chassis, suspension, and wheel end envelope. With these crucial benefits, this EV system lowers the total cost of ownership, decreases the required battery size, and improves the regeneration capabilities versus a diesel or unintegrated e-powertrain. The number of moving parts in the AxleTech system also is much less than traditional drivetrains, so maintenance costs are lower.

Employing its unique approach, AxleTech will unveil its first product offering in early 2019. This product has been designed to exceed the power requirements of current diesels and fit in the same package space, on top of providing optimized efficiency and serviceability that is required of existing commercial trucks. Upon its release, the system will be the most powerful electric heavy-duty powertrain from a Tier 1 supplier, surpassing the performance of diesel and all other EV systems.

Source | Company profile :AxleTech International (USA)


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