MAN presented its first electric bus some 50 years ago.


MAN presented its first electric bus some 50 years ago. The future is electrifying! And at MAN Truck & Bus, the past was, too  back in 1970, the company showcased its first electric bus. Today, 50 years later, the MAN Lion’s City E is being launched as a fully electric series vehicle, thereby providing a contemporary and sustainable solution for entering the world of e-mobility.

In 1970, MAN Truck & Bus presented its first purely electric scheduled-service busAt the 1972 Munich Olympics, top athletes travelled in electric buses from MANMAN is now launching a sustainable, fully electric series vehicle in the form of the MAN Lion’s City E  to meet the current challenges of public transportWhether electric, natural gas or hybrid MAN buses with alternative drives have been setting the benchmark for decades and are in use around the worldA focus on environmental protection and sustainability yesterday, today and tomorrow

It is impossible to think of sustainable mobility without considering e-mobility. Without it, the energy concept of the future is almost inconceivable. And yet, the innovative technology is not new at least, not for MAN. This is because MAN’s first electric bus was unveiled back in 1970. Today, 50 years later, MAN Truck & Bus is launching a state-of-the-art, fully electric series vehicle in the form of the MAN Lion’s City E. The first mass-produced customer vehicles will be delivered in the last quarter of 2020. “The innovation and ingenuity of MAN is demonstrated by the fact that, five decades ago, we were one of the first companies to focus on e-mobility at all and that we have been promoting alternative drives considerably for many years,” says Rudi Kuchta, Head of Business Unit Bus at MAN Truck & Bus. He adds: “Now that the time and market are right for this pioneering technology, and the political framework fits, we can offer our customers an electric bus as a series vehicle which impresses with sophisticated technology and a sustainable overall concept. Not only does the electric motor come from within our own four walls, but we also develop the expertise that is crucial in the electric bus – such as the battery technology within the Group. Furthermore we can support our customers with skilled and comprehensive advice, in order to make their entry into the world of e-mobility as simple as possible.”

Source | Company profile :MAN Truck and Bus AG (Germany)