The Chinese technology group BYD Company Ltd. and the Japanese Toyota subsidiary Hino Motors, Ltd. will cooperate in the development of battery electric commercial vehicles in the future. The aim of the strategic alliance is to accelerate the worldwide introduction of purely electric commercial vehicles.

In addition to the development cooperation, the Chinese battery and electric vehicle manufacturer BYD and the Japanese commercial vehicle manufacturer Hino are also planning joint activities in the marketing of battery electric commercial vehicles and other areas. Both groups have many years of experience in electromobility.

BYD started in 1995 as a battery research and manufacturing company. According to BYD, commercial vehicles from BYD Commercial Vehicle are now used in more than 300 cities and 50 countries. According to its own information, the company is the global market leader in this segment with more than 50,000 fully electric buses sold worldwide.

Hino has been manufacturing trucks and buses since 1942. As early as 1991, the manufacturer introduced a city bus with hybrid drive to the market. Since then Hino has been active in the field of electric vehicle technology for commercial vehicles.

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