Refrigeration equipment manufacturer Carrier Transicold launches the first fully autonomous, all-electric refrigerated trailer system. The so-called Vector eCool is a new energy recuperation and storage system consisting of an axle generator and a battery pack.

The autonomous energy supply for transport refrigeration units, which is independent of any diesel engine, uses the axle generator to convert kinetic energy into electrical power, which is stored in the battery set, from which the refrigeration unit is then supplied with energy. If the battery charge falls below a certain level, the system causes the generator to recharge the battery to ensure full cooling capacity. Vector eCool can be combined with the motorless, all-electric versions of Carrier Transicold’s Vector HE 19 or Vector 1550 chillers.

According to Carrier Transicold, even with a built-in axle generator and battery pack the Vector eCool autonomous system is still lighter than a conventional diesel powered unit with a full fuel tank. In addition, the Vector eCool is PIEK-compliant with a noise level below 60db(A).