Nikola aims at H2 cooperation with Hyundai

Nikola Motor Company, U.S. manufacturer of battery electric and hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles, in the future wants to work with Hyundai to further...

Port of Rotterdam and AirLiquide initiate European hydrogen network for trucks

The port of Rotterdam and the French producer of technical gases AirLiquide want to expand the network of hydrogen filling stations for fuel cell powered trucks.

Volta Trucks develops fully electric 16-ton truck

Swedish start-up Volta Trucks plans to launch the first prototype of its futuristic Volta Zero electric truck on the market this year.

Hyzon Motors opens European headquarters in the Netherlands

The US company Hyzon Motors has founded a subsidiary in Groningen, the Netherlands, to build fuel cell trucks for the European market.

Hyundai sends first series fuel cell trucks to Switzerland

Hyundai has shipped ten heavy fuel cell trucks to Switzerland, which are to be used there from September 2020. At the same time, the South Korean truck manufacturer has announced that it is developing an H2 tractor unit with a range of 1000 km per filling for heavy long-haul transport.

ACEA: Electric buses dominate growth rates in new registrations

In 2019, the sales figures for electric buses in the EU have more than doubled compared to 2018. At the same time, sales figures for diesel buses fell in most major European markets. This is shown by the 2019 registration figures for buses over 3.5 tonnes, published by the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), broken down by type of drive.

BYD and Hino jointly develop battery electric commercial vehicles

The Chinese technology group BYD Company Ltd. and the Japanese Toyota subsidiary Hino Motors, Ltd. will cooperate in the development of battery electric commercial vehicles in the future.

Daimler prepares series production of fuel cells

At its Stuttgart location, Daimler Truck AG is setting the technological stage for the series production of fuel cells for use in heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

Quantron builds fuel cell truck

Quantron AG is now offering its first fuel cell truck. Starting in mid 2022, the Augsburg-based electric truck conversion company plans to start series production of the hydrogen-powered 44-ton truck called Energon.

Framo electric truck in service at Infineon in Regensburg

German chip manufacturer Infineon has put a fully electric truck into operation to save around 18 tonnes of CO2 every year.

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