At its Stuttgart location, Daimler Truck AG is setting the technological stage for the series production of fuel cells for use in heavy-duty commercial vehicles. Shortly after the founding of Daimler Truck Fuel Cell GmbH, this is the next step on the way to a fuel cell joint venture with Volvo by the end of the year.

n April 2020, Daimler and Volvo signed an agreement to establish a new fuel cell joint venture with the aim of offering fuel cell systems for heavy-duty commercial vehicles and other applications in series production by 2025.

Daimler has now founded the new Daimler Truck Fuel Cell GmbH & Co. KG to bundle all Group-wide fuel cell activities. The company will later be transferred to the planned joint venture with the Volvo Group. According to its own statements, Daimler is investing a “very substantial amount” in the Stuttgart location in order to develop production facilities for the serial production of fuel cells.

With new production technology, Daimler wants to cover all process stages of fuel cell production here in the future. The measures include setting up a clean room and optimizing the ambient air, since fluctuations in temperature and humidity could lead to changes in sensitive materials and impair the functionality of the fuel cells. According to Daimler, however, the greatest challenge would be to achieve a short production cycle time in order to achieve economical production.

Production issues should better be resolved by the end of this year, since the Daimler-Volvo joint venture wants to conclude a first cooperation agreement with Rolls-Royce plc by then. For its Power Systems division, the British technology group is planning to use the fuel cell systems of the Daimler-Volvo joint venture in future for the emergency power generators of the MTU brand it develops and sells in data centers.