Kodiak Robotics : first company in the self-driving trucking industry gets CES Innovation Award Honoree


Kodiak – (Mountian View, Calif). “Trucks will be the first autonomous vehicles on the road at scale,” Burnette, a veteran of Google’s self-driving car project, said in a statement.
The company completed two 400-mile roundtrip commercial shipments in December between Dallas and Houston relying only on Kodiak’s autonomous driving system in 8 months.

“We’ve never been big on publicizing incremental achievements, but this milestone in Kodiak’s history is worth sharing,” Kodiak VP of engineering Andreas Wendel wrote on Medium.

As is the norm in the industry, the company maintains two human operators in its vehicles on the road for safety. Those drivers will take over control of the truck as needed in certain scenarios where the truck’s AI lacks the ability to deal with a situation on the road like construction.

Founded by Burnette and venture capitalist Paz Eshel, Kodiak has 70 employees including about 10 in Lancaster. It aims to bring automation and safety to the $800 billion per year trucking and freight industry.

A number of self-driving truck companies besides Kodiak have found Texas a preferable place to test and develop the technology including TuSimple and Amazon-backed Aurora.

source: https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/news/self-driving-truck-company-kodiak-robotics-honored-at-ces-after-reaching-milestone-on-texas-roads/ar-BB1cF598

image source : https://kodiak.ai/