Mercedes-Benz eActros field test enters the second phase

Mercedes-Benz eActros, Exterieur, 2 x elektrischer Radnabenmotor, 240 kW, 2 x 485 Nm, Radformel 6x2, M-Fahrerhaus, bis zu 200 Kilometer Reichweite mit gewohnter Fahrleistung und Nutzlast. Mercedes-Benz eActros, Exterior, 2 x electric hub motor, 240 kW, 2x 485 Nm, wheel formula 6x2, M-cab, Range of up to 200 km with customary level of performance and payload.

Daimler Trucks has been having its eActros field tested in customer fleets in Germany and Switzerland for about a year. At the beginning of August, the Stuttgart-based automotive group initiated the second test phase and is now gradually sending the heavy electric trucks to new locations.

As part of the eActros “Innovation Fleet”, Daimler has been testing the eActros in real-life operation for about a year now. So far, the battery-powered 18- and 25-ton trucks have been used by ten customers in Germany and Switzerland. Eight of the heavy electric trucks are changing locations in the next few weeks. The test area is thus expanding to include Belgium and the Netherlands. The two remaining vehicles will continue the practical test at the current location.

The fully electric eActros is based on the chassis of the Mercedes-Benz Actros and is equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 240 kWh. The power is provided by two electric motors with an output of 126 kW each and a maximum torque of 485 Nm each near the wheel hubs of the rear axle. According to the manufacturer, the electric truck has a range of 200 km per full battery charge, which can be completed within two hours with a charging capacity of 150 kW.

Simon Loos will take over the first eActros in the second test phase. The Dutch logistics service provider based in Wognum will receive a 25-ton electric truck with a refrigerated swap body equipped with the “W.KO COOL” electric refrigeration unit from Schmitz Cargobull. Simon Loos supplies the Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn with the eActros and plans to cover around 200 kilometers daily with the vehicle. The batteries are to be charged overnight and during intermediate stops at the retailer’s distribution center in Delfgauw.

DB Schenker is commissioning a 25-ton eActros with the “W.BO” swap body for dry freight transports from Schmitz Cargobull. The German logistics service provider uses the e-truck to supply customers in downtown Leipzig with general cargo, i.e. palletized shipments that are too bulky for parcel shipment. DB Schenker intends to cover around 100 kilometers a day with the eActros and charge the batteries overnight at its depot in the north of the city.

Daimler is satisfied with the test results so far. According to the manufacturer, the specified 200-kilometer range of the eActros proved to be realistic regardless of the load, traffic mix or topography. The second practical test phase is to last another year. At the start of the practical test, Daimler had declared its intention to start series production of the eActros in 2021.

The eActros “innovation fleet” is being supported by the German Federal Ministry of the Environment (BMU) and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi), which are promoting the development and testing of heavy electric trucks in distribution traffic as part of the “Concept ELV²” project.