The port of Rotterdam and the French producer of technical gases AirLiquide want to expand the network of hydrogen filling stations for fuel cell powered trucks. Together they therefore started an initiative, for which they have already been able to win over many large companies, such as VDL Groep, Iveco/Nikola, Vos Logistics, Jongeneel Transport and HN Post, but also other large fuel cell producers.

The aim of this initiative is to make it possible by 2025 for more than 1,000 fuel cell trucks to roll along the roads from the Netherlands via Belgium to Germany to transport goods from A to B. According to the port of Rotterdam, this will require more than 25 large hydrogen filling stations to ensure the supply of these trucks.

The initiative is to be further expanded in the coming months and will receive even more supporting companies. The final investment decision should also be made by 2022.