Scania presented its first all-electric truck. Based on the Scania L/P series, in the optional 300 kW version the electric truck will have a range of 250 kilometers.

Scania now offers a truck model with all-electric drive. The truck is available with either the low-slung P-series cab or the low-floor L-series cab. Five or nine battery packs with capacities of 165 kWh or 300 kWh are available for energy storage. The range will be up to 250 kilometers. In the version with five batteries, the quick-charge function via CSS connection is intended to enable recharging within 55 minutes. For nine batteries, the charging time on the 130 kW charger is 100 minutes according to Scania.

The fully electric Scania is powered by a central electric motor with an output of 230 kW. A 60 kW all-electric power take-off enables the operation of auxiliary electrical equipment, such as refrigerators, refuse collection containers or hooklifts.