Why Toyota – Hino Trucks might be leading over Nikola…introducing Project Z


As this week no significant news has been released about Nikola, we thought it might be interesting to consider another player that with will hit the market with a new hydrogen driven Truck. Meeting Hino Trucks, a Toyota owned company.

As the 3rd larges truck manufacturer, Hino Trucks announced on the 5th of October 2020, Project Z, the Company’s development path to zero emissions vehicles (ZEV), ranging from class 4 to class 8. In short, three factors you need to know why they might have an edge over their competitors:

  • Toyota produced its first FCV semi in 2017
  • Hino is in the truck manufacturing business for 75 years
  • They are in partnership since 2001

To learn more on Project Z, check out their event on their YouTube channel: